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3rd June 2012


Tuxedo Robot Begins

Inspired by this session at Big (D)esign 2012, I decided to try to implement a game idea I had in my head.  It’s called Tuxedo Robot!  It’s a reboot of breakout style games by including a plot, new game mechanics, etc.

It’s in Java using the Slick2D library.  I spent about three hours creating a basic tileset, a tilemap and finally getting it to display.  There is no character yet.  Here’s what it looks right now:

Here are things that need to be fixed:

  • I need a smaller map.
  • I might want some smaller tiles.
  • I need to aligh these tiles correctly.

I’m interested to see what happens with 32 x 32 tiles…

8th May 2012


Metaprogramming Note!

When I get a chance to, I’m going to toy around with making the site more accessible.  Only issue is that I should be packing for a move.  So, let’s see where this goes.  If you see giant text soon, you’ll know I’ve been succ-accessible!

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7th May 2012


AT&T, you are the worst goddamn company ever.

Let me tell you the most mundane story ever.

I was a happy AT&T subscriber since they were called Cingular and had a orange dude thing as their mascot.  I was on my family’s plan back then, and spun off into my own once I hit adulthood and had a job.  I was happy.

Well, AT&T turned off unlimited data plans.  But it’s okay, I was grandfathered in.  Then this happened.  I considered it bullshit - I probably downloaded an app a month, I only really used the 3G connection while at work, and most of the data I consumed were Twitter and Facebook, two mostly text based services.  AT&T left a bad taste in my mouth.  I complained about it on Twitter, and switched to Sprint, because they were offering unlimited data and the prices were pretty reasonable.

At the Sprint Store, I ported my account over.  I asked the sales Rep what happened to my account at AT&T, and he said that “Well, they will cancel it.”.  I verified this with an AT&T rep later, who said that, yep it was cancelled, and they’ll send me the bill.  I eventually forgot about it, because time passes and it got busy at work.

Well, I never received that bill.  Till today.  5/7/2012.  It was post marked April 21, which still doesn’t include the fact that I cancelled my account back in January!

I love the passive-aggressive tone of the letter.  ”Oh, we cancelled your account because you haven’t made your payments, you lazy bastard”.  No, it’s more like you hadn’t sent me a bill in the first place.

So, AT&T, I hate you.  I’ll pay your lousy bill because I don’t want my credit ruined due to your complete and utter incompetence to send out an envelope.  

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6th May 2012

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Animal Crossing Songs in Real Time →

So, this website will create a soundtrack of your life.  It pulls songs from the N64 game Animal Crossing (which has a great soundtrack), and plays the one appropiate for your internal clock.

Where I am, it’s 10:43, so it’s playing the 10 PM theme.  Pretty neat, eh?  It has a novelty, but I was a fan of the game, so it’s fun.

Where’s K.K Slider when you need him?

…okay, after 10 iterations or so, this is getting a bit old.

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6th May 2012


Oh wow, this is a goverment site. →

Love the background.

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6th May 2012


…..did the people of Lamebook go crazy and thought that “DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE NEED!?  TWO FRAMING ADS AND A GIANT AD ON THE TOP!  PEOPLE LIKE ADS RIGHT!?”

…..did the people of Lamebook go crazy and thought that “DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE NEED!?  TWO FRAMING ADS AND A GIANT AD ON THE TOP!  PEOPLE LIKE ADS RIGHT!?”

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4th May 2012

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An Interesting Article on Font Rendering →

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4th May 2012


World Clock Software: The Only Software You Need! →

Do you constantly need to know what time it is in Abu Dhabi?  Do you have a need for pop up menus?  Do you need to look at analog clocks?  Have the desire to use an app that uses Windows 3.1 icons?  Like really old software that’s still updated but their website is a time capsule from the early days of the net?


Seriously, one of the new features that was added is “Pop-up Menus”.  This isn’t some website or some software that was left to rot after the dot com bubble burst.  Their FAQ page was last updated April 2012!  THAT WAS LAST MONTH!

At least it’s free, I guess.

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4th May 2012


Worst Tech Article: Not-Funny Look at Samsung Galaxy S 3 →

Even if it is in jest, it’s just not that funny.

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Source: BuzzFeed

4th May 2012


How Does IE 6 Handle 29 Modern Websites? Let’s see.

IE 6 was (is?) the dead bloated body of a mayor laying in a sewer.  It used to be important, and it used to be considered innovative - at the time it was released in 2001, it’s only major competition was a flawed version of Netscape.  In later years of it life it faced plenty of competition that were newer, more innovative and faster, and possibly most important, worked with certain standards.

One of the issues with IE 6 was that it had some interesting ideas on what a standard was, and when it come to CSS3, no standards whatsoever.

That makes using it to visit modern websites interesting, because often, they look similar to what they should be, but something’s off.  Given the fact that many modern websites don’t support IE6, and a lot don’t even put a warning up, users still stuck on IE 6, god help their soul, may not know what’s going on.  

Using Microsoft’s Super Preview tool, I was able to take photos of 29 websites.  Why that number?  I tried to include the Wall Street Journal, but it didn’t load in the tool.

Click past the break to view pictures.

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